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When you think about the Dodgers you think about that billowy script across the jersey front, the deep shade of azure that’s come to be known as Dodger Blue, and the distinctive red numerals on the front. It wasn’t always that way, though. cheap nba jerseys.For a swath of their early history (back when they were known as the Brooklyn Superbas and Brooklyn Robins), they wore pinstripes. In 1910, they had vertical lettering on their jerseys. Then they were the first team to wear a checked pattern. In 1938, though, that changed.jerseys from china.As Dodgers director of graphic design Ross Yoshida tells CBS Sports, when Larry MacPhail took over the struggling team in 1938, he commissioned a new uniform design. Absent one innovative flourish (more on that in a moment), blue hats at home, and the whole Brooklyn/Los Angeles distinction, it’s pretty much the uniform you see, say, Clayton Kershaw’s wearing today. Here’s a look at the jersey.cheap football jerseys.

The McMullens sold the Astros to Drayton McLane, Jr. in 1992 and he began to change the image of the Astrodome and their primary tenants. cheap hockey jerseys.In 1994, the Astros must have made Mrs. McMullen happy by dropping orange from the color scheme. Navy blue was replaced by a darker midnight blue while a metallic gold served as the accent color, the first time a big league team had used any metallic color in their equipment. cheap football jerseys.Anyone who recalls footage of the moonwalks would immediately make the connection between gold coloring and many of the items that went to the moon.

Gone too were the rainbow striping and the “H” on the caps. The jersies had a midnight blue and gold “Astros” lettering across the home jersies and “Houston” across the road jersies, slanted as if to give motion to the letters. wholesale nfl jerseys.The last “o” in either word changed to a slanted star-like object. The midnight blue caps had a slanted gold and white star, best described by one writer as resembling third baseman Ken Caminiti starting to dive to his left. Belts and buttons made a comeback. There was also a blue jersey for Sundays and holidays.”cheap jerseys.I think these uniforms symbolize the current change this club is undergoing,” general manager Bob Watson told the Houston Chronicle. “They’re very sleek and the star is moving awfully fast. That should give everyone an indication that this club is moving fast and on the rise. This helps us look like champions.”Speaking of champions, more than a few fans thought the new look copied a little too closely a successful pro football team whose star logo could be found all over the state.throwback nba jerseys.